Buy article per piece incl. 7.7% VAT (pick-up prices)

Name Preis Anzahl
Book cartons 4.85 CHF
Linen cartons 7.00 CHF
China cartons 14.00 CHF
Lamp cartons 16.15 CHF
Wardrobe cartons with bar 22.65 CHF
Mattress cartons 20.45 CHF
File cartons 6.50 CHF
Inlets (for hanging files for file cartons) 3.20 CHF
Picture/Mirror cartons 11.90 CHF
Wine cartons (fits 12 normal size bottles) 6.50 CHF
Wrapping paper per kilo 5.40 CHF
Tissue paper per Kilo 7.60 CHF
Bubble-Plastic 4.30 CHF
Line bubble-Plastic 5.40 CHF
Rolls of tape 5.40 CHF
Single mattress plastic hooses 6.50 CHF
Double Mattress plastic hooses 9.70 CHF
Arm chair plastic hooses 5.40 CHF
Sofa plastic hooses 6.40 CHF

Goods for lease per day/piece incl. 7.7% VAT (pick-up prices)

Name Preis Anzahl
Rolli for pallettes 8.00 CHF
Plastic boxes 2.00 CHF
Blankets 2.00 CHF
Rolli for steps 8.00 CHF
Furniture-dog (Rolli) 5.00 CHF
Belts for heavy items 11.85 CHF
EURO-Palettes 1.00 CHF
Frame grid 2.00 CHF
Wooden frame for EURO-Palettes 2.00 CHF