Our Services

  • In all phases of the move by the crew leader
  • Delivery of cartons or file containers
    (if agreed)
  • Disassembling of furniture
    (if agreed)
  • Packing of breakables and paintings
    (if agreed)
  • Final preparation of move
  • Packing of all items with special packing materials for later overseas moves
    (if agreed)
  • Establishing of inventory for storage
  • Covering  transport and/or storage insurance
  • taken back of not used packing material which you have ordered by us (establishing of credit note for not used material)
  • Receive of your delivered goods (if we don’t do the move/transport)
  • Handling in/out of the storage goods
  • Delivery to residence, unpacking and setting up of furniture
    (if agreed)
Special Services
  • Storage in transit
  • Extension of transit insurance
  • Partial deliveries
  • Disposal of furniture, files and waste materials
  • Cargo courier services
  • small commercial transports (Import/Export)
  • Heavy lifts with outside elevator or crane
  • Temporary or permanent file/furniture storage
    conventional or in 20′ furniture-container
  • Arrangements for house cleaning services